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A spectrum
of delight

Be prepared to embrace the infinite spectrum of perfect technology and luxurious style with Spectrum One, the newest development by Tonino Lamborghini.
The Latin word "spectrum" stands for unlimited set of values. Nowadays Spectrum is the term that defines the whole range of joy, emotions and action. This is what you get with an advanced Tonino Lamborghini product - Spectrum One headphones, specifically designed for those who are used to being "The One".


Being the first on-ear headphones by Tonino Lamborghini Mobile, Spectrum One is now here to become a true number one in both design and sound quality.
Tonino Lamborghini Spectrum One headphones are a perfect combination of luxurious Italian design and sound by the highest Hi-Fi standards. With Spectrum One headphones, you will be catching glances full of surprises and admiration. Your favorite music will come in the finest detail, from the deepest bass and natural middle to the crystal clear high frequencies.

The progressive spectrum of sounds is going to give you a brand new cutting edge music experience: deepest bass, fast and powerfull sound, high level of isolation from the external noise and much more is waiting for you with Spectrum One.
Both elegant and emotional design will make you feel special and independent.

Let the spectrum of delight and energy fill your city life with Tonino Lamborghini new luxury headphones Spectrum One!


Spectrum one – technology
meets style

It is right from the first glance that you can recognize a truly individual design of Spectrum One. Nevertheless, the powerful sound is the feature that makes these headphones really special.
Hi-Fi class 40 mm dynamic transmitter was created for the finest sound quality with a deep bass and crystal clear high notes, providing you with listening pleasure.
The unique headphones were developed for those who take sound seriously: professionals, musicians, lovers of quality music. Spectrum One are able to deliver the natural level of emotions and sound power, as if you are enjoying the real music in club or in concert.
The extreme powerfull and dynamic sound is presented with high-class professionalism and composure. Spectrum One sound clean and high-grade even if you choose the highest volume level.

The sense of scale and the amount of space you can feel with the headphones that is what strikes you spontaneously in Spectrum One by Tonino Lamborghini. Thanks a special earcup tuning technology DOAC with two calibrated holes, you feel not only deep bass, but wide and spacious sound like an open-back headphones. Try them with your HI-FI system, smartphone or an MP3-player - and you will be impressed by how detailed the sound becomes when you are enjoying your favorite tracks with Spectrum One: layer comes upon the layer as you start noticing all the smallest tones, the full spectrum of musical instruments and sounds that you have never noticed before.

The power of music along with the power of technology is simply stunning!


Not only sound, but also an exciting and sophisticated design attracts one's attention in Spectrum One headphones. Elegance, expression and prestige - are combined in one Tonino Lamborghini product.
Perfectly shaped headphones are available in two color options, none of which is typical for what you always see on the international market.
What will you choose? An elegant and strict iridescent silver combined with orange elements and sharp black lines or an emotional red, ready to attract everyone's attention?
Any color you choose, the headphones will become a perfect touch for your extraordinary personality.
Each spectrum of colors will look bright and special, thanks to the double layer paint with glossy transparent lacquer and metallic effect.

Soft leather embouchures filled with memory foam material ensure the most comfortable wearing experience and complete isolation from external noise.
The floating earcup holder system and adjustable headband length enables you to easily customize your headphones for perfectly comfortable wearing.
You can always carry the headphones with you and take them on long trips thanks to the foldable headband system and an elegant carrying case, which will perfectly match any style you choose - office, sporty or evening.


A hard-shell carrying case comes with a zip and can store not only headphones, but spare cable, adapters, and any items. It is created in an original Tonino Lamborghini design and will suit to any of your other favorite Tonino Lamborghini accessorizes.
A braided tangle-free cable with single-end connection is offered in two options, with a three-button remote control for Apple devices and most of other gadgets, and another 2 meters long cable to be connected to any audio device including home Hi-Fi stereo systems (6.3 mm adapter is included).
The cable has an L-type gold-plated contacts connection for convenient carrying and durability. It is convenient for daily use and guarantees a stable connection.

The original design, the famous "Raging Bull" logo, and the Tonino Lamborghini brand name on the headband stand for the incarnation of real expression and luxury of the Italian style.
This designer headphones of well-known Tonino Lamborghini brand is the true modern masterpiece, an admirable combination of luxury and technology.

Allow yourself the spectrum of freedom, Hi-Fi technology and uncompromising style with the new Spectrum One headphones. Be "The One"!



Driver size: 40 mm
Impedance: 34 ohm
Frequency response: 8-22,000 Hz
Sensitivity: 106 dB
Maximum input power: 350 mW
Weight: 205 g