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Affluent Attaché is a new partner of Tonino Lamborghini Mobile
Date: 24.04.2015

Affluent Attaché

Tonino Lamborghini Mobile is honored to announce the start of cooperation with a new partner - Affluent Attaché, one of the most high-end and significant worldwide concierge club with a trusted and experienced partner network. This cooperation is supposed to open a new door between luxury goods on the one hand and target audience on another one.
"We’re glad to sign a cooperation agreement with a new partner whose philosophy and target audience coincide with ours for 100%. More than that, Affluent Attaché appears in the US, which is one of the key markets for our company. So we’re waiting for strong and fruitful collaboration", says managing director of Tonino Lamborghini Mobile David Kibizov.
Agreement was signed to promote new smartphone – 88 Tauri. Presented worldwide 3 months ago the phone opened a new chapter in company’s history by its’ outstanding combination of cutting-edge mobile technology and unique features with the inimitable style and design that was characteristic for the legendary brand since its foundation.
According to the cooperation the smartphone will be presented to clients of Affluent Attaché who are corporate and individuals both. It will be sold online on the site of the concierge club ( and also will be offered as a gift for special clients.
To give more details: clients who sign up for Corporate, Elite, and Imperator (possible to buy by invitation only) membership will get Tonino Lamborghini 88 Tauri phone for free. For existing clients, there will be 10% discount. But luxury service won’t be so exquisite if there isn’t any exclusive addition to the purchase. This time it’ll be secure encryption and access to private concierge service that is available by pushing just one button on your 88 Tauri.

About Affluent Attaché
The company offers luxury lifestyle management, membership-only experience, with the main objective of providing unrivalled "on-demand" and "new-luxury" concierge services. Membership offers deep exclusivity and access to their luxury portfolio of services (Fine dining, wealth management, concierge doctors, travel, event management, property management etc.) and caters only to 1% high net worth client base which includes executives, celebrities, royalty, sports figures among others. Affluent Attaché membership levels includes "private" for individuals and "corporate" for companies.

About Tonino Lamborghini Mobile
Tonino Lamborghini Mobile is the Division of the Tonino Lamborghini Group dedicated to production and sales of luxury signature mobile phones and headphones. Please find more information on